With the changes over time, there has been a shift in the smoking industry. People are switching to vape pens. If you are a CBD user then you know there are plenty of ways for consuming CBD. Vaping CBD has a number of medical benefits like it helps to reduce the pain, it helps to fight with anxiety and depression and it also reduces the symptoms of insomnia. In this article, you will read about the best vape pen & CBD vaping, so let’s begin.

Vape pen & its components

vape pen & CBD vaping
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Vape pens are a type of vaporizer that can be used to smoke CBD or normal vape e-liquids. The pen is more compact and easy to carry, like a pen. With vape pens, you will get different designs and mods which can make your smoking fun. Vape pens are very easy to use, all you have to just charge it and enjoy smoking. To understand vape pens better, let’s take a closer look at its components.

The tank

The chamber which holds CBD oil and other natural flavors is known as a tank. The tank is made up of glass, steel, and polycarbonate plastic. Flavors are available in different forms like oil and wax.


This is the most essential component in vape pen. This is a small heater which converts the e-juice into smoke. Atomizer holds the e-coil and wick.


The battery acts as a power source for your vape pen, it activates the atomizer which heats the e-coil. Resulting in the formation of vapors, the battery can be a one-time use or rechargeable. For vaping, lithium-ion batteries are very popular because they have high energy density.

Rubi vape pen: Best CBD vaping pen

Rubi vape pen has the best innovative design, it small, handy and lightweight which makes it easy to use. The size of the Rubi pen is just four inch and it produces vapor from both e-juice and CBD oil. Rubi vape pen has an open pod system which allows the use of multiple flavors . One important factor which makes Rubi pen so popular is ease of use. To change the flavor you have to just remove the pod and change the cartridge with any flavour.. Vapor quality produced by Rubi pen is very high because of which you can enjoy the clean and crisp flavor in every puff.

Different CBD vaping types

There are a number of CBD flavors which you can use in your vape pen, therefore in this topic, I will tell you about different CBD vaping flavors and guide to buying them. The vape flavors are available in Isolate Vape CBD and Full Spectrum Vape CBD.

Isolate Vape CBD

vape pen & CBD vaping

It is the world’s first non-pg based CBD vape juice. This juice has a high quality of CBD oil in it. It is 100% non-psychoactive in nature, sugar-free, and gluten-free. This flavor is made from 100% natural raw material it has no herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides. Isolate Vape CBD is available in different flavors like banana cake, strawberry, waffles, pina colada, mojito, horchata, french toast, bubble gum and many more.

Full Spectrum Vape CBD

vape pen & CBD vaping

This type of vape flavor is non-toxic in nature as it has no strain of THC. It has the purest form of CBD oil which is sugar-free, pesticide free and herbicide free. It is available in different flavors like waffle, strawberry, horchata, orange, and bubble gum.

Benefits of CBD vaping

  1. CBD vaping helps you in reducing smoking habits. Vaporizers produced by vape pens do not have any harmful chemical which makes it healthier to consume.
  2. It reduces stress and anxiety. CBD chemical compound binds with our endocannabinoid system which helps in regulating your mood and sleep.
  3. CBD vaping is very easy to use. Vape pens are very lightweight and small in size because of which we can carry them anywhere with us. You can change your flavors according to your mood.
  4. It is the quickest way to get relief from chronic pain, if you have difficulties in sleeping then CBD vaping can help in inducing sleep.
  5. CBD vaping also reduces the symptoms of pain and inflammation, acne and cancer.

Final conclusion On vape pen & CBD vaping

Vaping industry is growing rapidly, there are a number of companies selling CBD products and vape pens. ThoughtCloud is one of the leading company which offers a wide range of high-quality CBD products. All the products are made from natural raw materials which are pure and lab tested. If you want to enjoy CBD vaping then thoughtcloud.net has everything you need.

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