Those are the month spans that are marked by extreme discomfort and agony for the majority of women. Indeed PMS brings with it both physical, as well as emotional symptoms that afflict women and they take recourse to various process like drinking warm beverages, getting a massage, taking pain diluting medications or even heating pads. This premenstrual syndrome (PMS) occurs prior to the period and are a set of symptoms that occurs one to two weeks before it’s onset. The most common PMS symptoms include mood alterations, cramps, pain and bloating, acne, bowel change and also tenderness of the breast.

The actual need of the moment is that of finding an effectual means that can regulate the different symptoms that are faced by women during PMS every month. Passing through the menstrual cycle phase really annoys due to a variety of reasons. You not only require to walk on using hygienic products and sanitizing yourself, but also experience pain. For a few persons, such hurting menstrual cramps creates huge distress.

But cheer up, there is a way to manage those disgusting menstrual pains. You can get healing effects from the phytonutrient from the hemp plant known as cannabidiol or CBD and test it out when your cycle approaches.

Here are some of the benefits that CBD brings in during your menstrual cycle and assists in relieving your symptoms:

Makes You Experience Lesser Pain

CBD combines indirectly with the cannabinoid receptors within your body CB1 and CB2 and changes the chemicals that cause the pain sensation. In this manner, the acuteness of your pain gets reduced. Using CBD oil, ointments and creams during this particular time can assist in easing pain and make you experience less discomfort.

Active Against Migraines

A study carried during 2016 proved the efficacy of CBD to counter migraines that arise during the cycle of menstruation. Researches have indicated that our endocannabinoid mechanism is centrally as well as peripherally linked with the conversion of various pain signals. CBD communicates with our Endocannabinoid network and assists in pain relief and revamps the function of the brain.
Equally important is the potential of CBD to address conditions like mood swings, vomiting or nausea and also depression that are related to a Migraine. CBD can also by sustaining the level of the receptor anandamide within our endocannabinoid set up help in lowering the pain sensations. By decreasing the frequency and severity of the symptoms of a migraine such as stress, anxiety, nausea and also insomnia CBD can offer immediate relief.

An Effective Muscle Relaxant

A common problem encountered by women are period cramps. The intensity of pain generated by the menstrual cramps often becomes hard to bear. Cramps are caused due to muscle contractions that happen inside the uterus due to stimulation of hormones inside the body. When these contractions happen, the blood circulation towards the uterus is inhibited which results in such intense pain.

Handles Effectively The Mood Swings

Hormonal variations within the body during the periods affects the mental health of women immensely. Alongside the physical distress women also tend to feel various levels of emotional changes. Moods fluctuate and often depression as well as anxiety take over your normal behavior pattern. Such anxiousness and emotional upsets are observed during periods and it does require attention and care.
The anxiety alleviating and anti-depressant nature of CBD which is backed by research needs to be harnessed. In like manner, CBD is also a known stress buster which can help women to maintain their calm and generates a euphoric feeling that can boost their mood.

Assists With Breakouts

Each month, such a frightful day arrives, generally some ahead or post menstrual cycles, when you begin breakout. The hormones pounding inside the body leads to such effect on our skin which needs attention. The proven anti-swelling qualities of CBD has shown to soothe breakouts and lower sebum production. Such hormonal acne is predominant during the phase of PMS. It is quite troubling but can be treated topically

The hormonal acne is common for women during the PMS and can effectively be healed by using topical products like CBD-infused ointments and creams. CBD oil is able to effectively reduce acne due to its anti-inflammatory nature that works to abate the visible swelling resulting from clogged pores.

Ozonated CBD Cream

Anti-Inflammatory Property Of CBD

CBD aids in fighting inflammation by letting the cannabinoids inside our body to linger for a longer duration inside our system. Further, it also obstructs enzymes that disintegrate the cannabinoids in our body. Hence, CBD can effectively mitigate inflammatory symptoms like pain and inflexible joints.

CBD Combats Multiple Manifestations Of PMS

Women who handle  PMS symptoms can know better how disgusting they are, from grueling cramps, headaches, sleeplessness to a sense of irritability. However, the evidence that has surfaced shows the potential of CBD to bolster mood, furthers relaxation and modulates sleep patterns. Premenstrual Syndrome denotes a condition that has complex reasons such as neurological, behavioral exchanges, as well as hormonal within the body that can generate a wide spectrum of physiological and emotional manifestations.

PMS can either be temperate or hyperintense, based upon the person.  Either way, it is not smooth sailing as there is nothing enjoyable about the abdominal bloating, migraines or a headache, lethargy, acne, weight gain, physical and mental suffering, sleep disorders, breast suppleness, food cravings, anxiety, annoyance, and depression. To add to this is also the common feeling of losing control over focusing and restlessness all created by that particular phase of the month.


Therapeutically, CBD contains an extraordinary set of characteristics that make it an incredible healer. More specifically, CBD takes care of a variety of problems that concern women largely. For more than a decade, unbelievable research has unleashed the potentiality of CBD in assisting women who are afflicted with some sort of medical conditions. On their part, women are taking to CBD more than they used to before due to its tremendous healing power.

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