CBD oil industry is relatively new. You know about the health benefits of CBD oil quite convincingly as there are researches backing them. But understanding the way CBD impacts your body and how to use it for maximum effectiveness is still confusing.

You rely on the Web for your queries. There is a galaxy of articles there telling you how CBD can help you heal, but very few tell the proper dosage of CBD.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has also not decided the official serving size of CBD like other nutritional health supplements.
Since you don’t have a proper recommended measure you are left with these options for the dosage of CBD:

  • Recommendations from the manufacturing brands and the vendors selling them
  • Actual users of CBD

In case you have trusted vendors selling CBD and started taking the exact amount, how do you know whether that amount is okay for you.
Your right dosage of CBD will depend upon:

  • Your weight
  • Your body’s chemistry
  • How severe is the condition which you want to treat with CBD
  • What is the concentration of CBD in the medium

Why your dose of CBD will vary throughout your lifetime?

Your body’s physiology keeps on changing with time. With physiology, receptors in your endocannabinoid system also change which actually interact with CBD. Thus what amount of CBD will maximum benefit you will keep on changing for your lifetime.

CBD oil dosage

So there isn’t any specific of dosage for CBD actually. You need to calculate it on your own depending upon your stats.
You can take a help from these 3 simple methods to get a clue how much dose will be best for your healing.

1. Calculate dosage according to the weight of your body

If you weigh more, you need more amount of CBD to feel its best effects and heal fast. So for every 10 pounds of the weight of your body, you may take 1 to 6MilliGrams of CBD of course, depending upon the severity of your medical condition.

Let’s assume, you weigh 200 pounds then you can take 20MG-33MG of CBD at the initial stage.

2. Start with a small dose and increase the content slowly

Though CBD is nature-derived, excess of everything is bad. Your body has a unique accepting and rejecting capability whether they are medicines, health supplements, or any other foreign substances you put in your body. Due to this fact, your body will also feel the effect of CBD.

So on a safer side, start with a small dose of CBD that will actually be according to your weight, monitor how it reacted on your body then slowly keep on increasing till the time you know the perfect amount or best dosage that worked for you.

3. Take advice from your doctor to know your body specific dosage

There are not many physicians who are actually confident and knowledgeable about the use of CBD as the research is still evolving.
But they can tell you whether it should be taken or not taken in a particular medical condition.
Most doctors can suggest your body’s accepting or rejecting capability for CBD and make a prescription according to your current medical condition.

Ways to take CBD oil

You can take CBD in various forms. If you prefer, there are CBD gummies, edibles, tincture available for oral administration.
On the other hand, you can smoke or vape it too.

Full Spectrum CBD

Here are few ways to take CBD oil:

1. Try a dropper to take a CBD tincture

It is probably the simplest way. Take few drops of CBD oil in a dropper, drop them on your tongue, hold them for 30 seconds and then swallow.
Typically your standard dropper has the capacity to hold 1 ML of CBD or any other liquid.
Now you have to find out what amount of CBD in mg is there in the dropper.
The math is simple.
Divide the total amount of CBD in the bottle with the number of milliliters in the bottle. In this way, you can calculate how much CBD in milligrams is in the dropper.

Let’s assume, you have a 30ml CBD tincture on which it is written that it contains 1500MG of CBD.

Divide 1500 by 30, so get 50MG of CBD that will come inside every dropper

So in case, if you have calculated your CBD dose 25MG(according to your weight and severity), and since your standard dropper of that 1500MG tincture would have 50MG of CBD, you’ll only fill the dropper half as it will amount to 25 mg dose.

Of course, you can’t call it a foolproof and 100% accurate method, but yes it works and give you a rough idea of your dosage.

Don’t forget to start from a small dose to find what works best.

2. Vaping CBD e-liquid and how to decide the dosage

There is a tank in which you put CBD. This tank is filled by a dropper. Find out the content of CBD in a dropper from the above-mentioned method. Now you have an idea of CBD you are putting into a single tank.
Start vaping the liquid.
Note down when you had to fill the tank once again and how many times it was done in a single day.
So if you have estimated your dose is 25 MG, and you have got a 1000MG bottle of CBD e-liquid to inhale, one tank will accommodate 33.33MG of CBD roughly.
Thus you would vape 1 tank in 1 day, of course, at a gap of some time.
This method is also not accurate but over a period of time, you’ll be assessing your exact CBD amount.

3. CBD capsules may offer you the accurate dosage

Luckily manufacturers have started offering CBD capsules. These capsules contain the exact amount of CBD so they are able to offer the exact dosage of CBD provided you know how much your body actually needs.

For example, your optimal dosage according to your weight or your severity of the medical condition is 15MG to 20MG then you can buy a bottle of 20MG simply.

And it is also convenient to swallow a capsule instead of taking CBD in various other forms.

Conclusion On CBD Oil Dosage

We are optimistic you enjoyed this general article on the CBD oil dosage you should take for enjoying the maximum healing powers of hemp-derived CBD oil. Make sure you buy a genuine full spectrum product with the added advantages of terpenes in it. In case you are interested in knowing medical condition specific dosages you can read our article on CBD oil dosage.

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