A Neck Strain is an injury to the neck muscles and tendons. The main cause of this injury is the excessive range of motion in neck muscles and tendons. According to studies neck pain is a major health concern in more than 50% of people. It is top 5 disorders which are affecting normal people in the United States.

Neck strain is linked with serious medical conditions such as cancer and heart disease. You will be surprised to know that Neck Strain in untreatable, all you can only prevent it. Many people are using different medication to decrease the symptoms of Neck Muscle Strain, there is one effective natural chemical compound which is used for treating Neck Muscle Strain known as CBD (Cannabinoid). In this article, you will look at the different causes and symptoms related to Neck Muscle Strain. You will also read about CBD which can be an effective alternative to reduce the symptoms of muscle strain.

Neck Muscle Strain: Causes & Symptoms

CBD For Neck Muscle Strains
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The causes of Neck Strain are as follows:

Poor Posture

The neck muscles and tendons are made up of very soft tissues which can get damaged with excessive movement. If your head is in the wrong position or awkward angle then it affects different muscles and tendons. If you are looking down at a phone screen for too long, you also have a higher chance of straining your Neck Muscles.

Fall or Collision

A sudden blow to the head and spine due to an injury can also trigger Neck Muscle Strain, for example, a bike accident, a car accident or any sports injury.

Lifting heavy objects

Your neck may become overexerted while lifting any heavy objects. People who frequently perform overhead activities are also prone to muscle strain.

Repetitive Motions

Even single motion requires movement of a thousand muscles. When you are performing repetitive motion then you are putting intense strain on a particular set of muscle which can lead to Neck Muscle Strains.

Neck Muscle Strain: Symptoms

In all cases, Neck strain symptoms include mild pain and stiffness. Here I will tell you some more common symptoms which can help you to identify the Neck Muscle Strain.

  1. You will usually feel pain in the back of the neck which may extend to shoulder, head or upper back.
  2. You will suffer from nagging and throbbing pain which can affect your sleep. You will feel this pain deep in the muscles.
  3. Sometimes you will also feel the pain which is sharp and intense like a knife.
  4. Limited neck movement.
  5. Muscle spasm and stiff neck.

Use CBD to manage Neck Muscle Strain

CBD hemp oil

CBD is a very effective natural compound which is found in the different strains of the hemp plants. CBD comes with different medical properties because of which it is used to treat different medical conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, neuropathic pain, bipolar, obesity, ADD, ADHD, cancer, herpes, diabetes, arthritis, stroke and many more.

CBD is extracted in different forms such as Wax, Oil, Tincture, Isolate, E-juice and CBD Pills . Different forms of CBD has made its consumption very easy. When you are suffering from Neck Muscle Strain then CBD oil can be used in different food and beverages to reduce the symptoms. Use a few drops of CBD oil to massage over the affected area to reduce stiffness and pain. Sometimes while sleeping you feel a sharp and throbbing pain, you can use CBD infused E-juice in vape pen to lower down the intensity of pain. Using CBD in a vape pen is the quickest way to get relief from pain.

Home remedies for Neck Muscle Strain


This treatment is based on unbalanced energy flow which can cause pain. Acupuncture therapy can balance the energy flow and reduce the pain caused by Neck Muscle Strain.


Stretching will target the specific muscles because of which pain and stiffness are reduced. Stretching and other physical exercises will make your neck muscles and tendons strong.

Ice and heat pack Massage

Use ice or heat pack to massage the affected area. It will reduce the level of pain and stiffness. Having ice and heat massage also boosts the healing process.

Conclusion On CBD For Neck Muscle Strains

Whenever you are having given symptoms then don’t ignore them, consult a doctor right away or Neck Muscle Strain will take Chronic form. If you are not satisfied with the result of medications then you can use CBD to reduce the symptoms of muscle strain.

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