Ways To Treat Inflammation Using CBD

Ways To Treat Inflammation Using CBD

CBD for Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the most researched areas of CBD. This cannabinoid is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Various studies have suggested the ability of CBD in reducing the inflammation in a human. Inflammation in itself is not an actual disease but a sign that something is wrong with your health. CBD has been effective in treating many modern day ailments which result in inflammation such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel syndrome and more. Let us know more about CBD For Inflammation further in the article:

Inflammation, Its Causes, and Symptoms

Inflammation can be caused by a variety of physical reactions which are triggered by the immunity system in response to an injury or infection occurring physically.
An infection can be a cause of inflammation.
Similarly, there are two main types of inflammation Acute and Chronic Inflammation.

An acute inflammation started rapidly and became severe in a short span of time. Diseases which can result in acute inflammation are:

  1. Bronchitis
  2. A sore throat from cold
  3. Infected ingrown toenail
  4. A scratch on the skin
  5. Dermatitis
  6. Physical trauma and more

On the other hand, Chronic Inflammation can last for months or even years.
Diseases causing chronic inflammation are:

  • Asthma
  • Tuberculosis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease and more.

Symptoms of inflammation include:

  • A swollen joint that’s sometimes warm to the touch
  • Redness
  • Joint Stiffness
  • Joint Pain
  • Loss Of Joint Function

There are some types of arthritis as well which are associated with inflammation are:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Gouty Arthritis
  • Psoriasis Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia and
  • Muscular Neck Pain

CBD’s Effects On Inflammation

CBD has been found as a very powerful and organic remedy to which can be used to treat inflammation without any side effects. Researchers have studied ways on how CBD can effectively reduce inflammation in the body. Let us know these ways:

By Activating Caspase

When your immune system is overactive, it may also cause inflammation. This needs to be controlled. When you consume CBD, it binds with the CB2 receptors of the overactivated immune cells which stimulate caspase, an anti-inflammatory protein.
This caspase sends a signal to cause the cell death of the overactive immune cells. The death of these cells controls the inflammation, and the production of cytokines is also reduced.

By Producing ROS ( Reactive Oxygen Species)

ROS are the byproducts of metabolism. CBD can stimulate your immune system and increases the generation of ROS which in turn leads to Oxidative Stress. This Oxidative Stress causes the death os overactive immune cells and also the cytokines which cause inflammation.

Acting As an Anti-Inflammatory Agent

GLA called as Gamma-linolenic Acid which is one of the Omega-6 fatty acids found in CBD oil. This oil acts as a potent anti-inflammatory agent thus relieving from inflammation.
CBD also enhances your anti-inflammatory endocannabinoids by preventing these endocannabinoids from getting deteriorated by enhancing their levels. This allows the anti-inflammatory effect remain in your system for a longer time.

CBD is also effective in treating inflammation causing conditions such as Arthritis, Joint Pain, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Pain and others.

Wrapping Up!!

Many types of research have been done to explain the inflammation-reducing effects of CBD For inflammation. It is a safe, organic as well as non-psychoactive remedy to treat all your inflammation problems.
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