In today’s world of hectic competition, psychological issues often crop up like low self-image or bouts of anxiety. Environmental stress, disturbing events, selective dieting, and boredom all lead to eating disorders like bulimia. You generally find people revert towards food when they are fed up, lonely, stressed or dejected. Nevertheless, an individual tussling with bulimia starts overeating not due to any love for food, but due to compulsion. After that, they start punishing themselves with fasting, workouts to knock out the calories, or purging, rather than eating reasonably.

Of course, such a terrible cycle of “binge and purge” takes its toll on your emotional wellness and also your body. Here is some good news: you can end this cycle with proper therapy, and following a CBD treatment that aids in overpowering your guilt feelings, personal shame, stress and building a healthier association with food and eating habits.

The Eating Disorder: Bulimia Nervosa

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Bulimia shares few of the characteristics with anorexia as its sufferers often alternate between cautious eating with restriction followed by a complete lack of self-control. When such people give up their control, they immediately consume some thousand calories, thereby enjoying the gustatory delight of eating. Next, they compel themselves to cleanse or purge leading to damage of the esophagus and the teeth. Such a process can be satisfying because they are able to subdue depressive emotions and impart a sense of authority over their health and bodies. But on the whole, such eating disorder marked by frequent binge eating sessions and followed by severe vomiting or physical exercising so as to curb weight gain.

The Underlying Factors Behind Bulimia

The factors contributing to Bulimia can vary from one individual to another. However, the primary causes involve genetic predisposition and various mix of social, environmental, and cultural elements. Besides, this disorder also arises from stressful or agonizing situations in life, for instance, the passing of someone close or being taunted for their weight.

Bulimia involves regular binge eating pursued by compensatory actions. Further, individuals with bulimia put a greater emphasis on the shape and weight of their body for self-assessment. This suffices for their sense of self-image and self-value based on the manner of their appearance. Before the start of bulimia nervosa, there ensues a duration of excessive dieting. Moreover, a defective type of dieting leads to uncontrollable hunger resulting in binge eating. Later on, after binge eating a sense of guilt and embarrassment prevails which causes an individual to compensate by evoking vomiting or trying out laxatives.

Symptoms Linked With Bulimia: What Are The Early Warning Signs In Bulimia

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Bulimia results in an intense panic of weight gain and its sufferers have a lopsided body image which makes them think that they are overweight. Nonetheless, this disorder exhibits symptoms such as:

  • Depression, poor self-image, and weight obsession
  • Deteriorated tooth enamel or dental cavities
  • Inflammation of the salivary glands
  • Constipation
  • Sore throat
  • Heartburn
  • Abnormality with regard to taste
  • Erratic menstrual periods
  • Inflamed Oesophagus
  • Changes in body weight
  • Dehydration and imbalance in electrolyte within the blood that can cause heart problems

CBD Treats Both The Mind And The Body In Bulimia

The eating disorder and a condition that also affects mental health, Bulimia affects the body in many ways. This begins with dissatisfaction and unhappiness about body weight and self-esteem. Such persons have not taken a lifestyle choice but are seriously unwell and require assistance. It’s here that CBD can play an integral role to combat eating disorders. The stress and anxiety alleviation afforded by CBD therapies can help a person to recover from their eating disturbances. This natural plant compound can help sufferers of eating disorders in the following ways:

CBD Works Like An Antidepressant

Treatments with regard to bulimia are medications which are generally antidepressants referred to as selective serotonin-reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). The phytocannabinoid CBD works as a natural antidepressant without any adverse side effects that prescription drugs entail. Bulimia sufferers also feel depressed due to low self-esteem and weight consciousness. CBD similar to the pharmaceutical antidepressants acts upon the neurotransmitters that are closely linked with depression like serotonin, glutamate, and GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid).

Antidepressant medications are found to be useful in helping to prevent the binge-purge cycle and halt the relapse.

Furthermore, CBD can communicate with the brain and nervous system receptors in the same manner as the antidepressants do. This indicates that CBD can assist in the signaling and generation of brain chemicals that can aid in lowering depression symptoms similar to the various antidepressant drugs without any “black box warnings”.

Assists In Weight Loss

Taking CBD for weight loss is a safe way for dieting and many people have of late begin to realize it. This cannabinoid is a natural weight shedding tool that does not influence the body, heart rate, blood pressure or temperature of its user. There are numerous effective techniques for shedding weight by using CBD and you have to explore the method that is viable for you as no “one size fits all” remedy is available with regard to dieting. You have to try mixing your CBD diet with a different technique.

As a matter of fact, CBD augments the metabolism, influences fat cells and has negligible side effects if any which makes it among the safest weight loss tool.

Regulates The Body Metabolism

The two different fat or adipose tissue white fat and brown fat are present in your system. White fat lies beneath the skin and surrounds the organs and excessive white adipose tissue results in various health hazards like heart disease, insulin resistance and also stroke. However, brown fat accelerates your metabolism and also keeps you warm. CBD helps in the conversion of white fat into brown fat and also promotes the number of mitochondria which results in increased burning of energy and promotes your genes to pace up the metabolism. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of your cells and offer energy to the cell to perform their metabolic activity.

CBD promotes fat browning and triggers weight loss by burning energy and enhances the genera which are particularly responsible for the breakdown of fat, raising mitochondrial action and lowering the generation of new fat cells.

Conclusion On CBD For Bulimia Nervosa

CBD has been in circulation as a weight loss aid by aiding you to lose weight through fat browning, regulating body metabolism, suppressing appetite and as an anxiolytic assuages stress, muddled thoughts, stressful bouts that trigger binge eating and also minimizes insulin resistance. CBD enhances mood, social discomfort and boosts your sense of self-esteem which goes to make it a beneficial therapy for sufferers of the eating disorder bulimia.

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